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Speed sensors with vital feedback to the ECU enabling you to monitor and control turbo wheel speeds. This can be advantageous for precise mapping and prolonging the life of your turbo. 


High power often results in extremely high temperatures, that's why it's important to use high quality heat protection for your engine bay and various components.

Heat is vital for some components to function, but too much heat can cause detrimental effects and significant losses in performance. 

      We offer a wide range of heat protection including: Coatings blankets, barriers, wraps, sleeves and tape to help keep things under control.

Heat Management


V-Band & Murray

High quality, reliable clamps - hot and cold side

Turbo &
Wastegate Flanges

Stainless Steel Flanges - For Turbo & Wastegate

High quality stainless fittings and adaptors  

Turbo Fittings


Genuine and aftermarket turbo oil drain and inlet gaskets