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Turbosmart Gen V WG45 Hypergate45 External Wastegate 


The GenV WG45 HyperGate45 External Wastegate is a Motorsport proven, cost effective external wastegate – The highest flowing gate of its kind.


The GenV provides extensive user configuration, world leading extended thermal performance, fatigue resistance and best in class flow performance for optimum control and longevity.

The GenV External Wastegate from Turbosmart was a ground up rework of a classic and the only feature that rolled over from the Gen4 range was the mounting orientation. CFD optimized and validated in-house for maximum flow and thermal management, the GenV range has more features, options and performance than any other gate like it. 


A direct fit upgrade to all Gen4 Turbosmart wastegates and feature our unique collar-locking system, variable actuator cap and base for easy, 360 degree optional routing of reference hoses, strap-type V-band clamps, optional liquid-cooling provision, 1/8″ NPT reference ports and are provided with the full range of available springs.



  • Class Leading, Thermal Performance 
  • Class Leading, CFD & Bench Validated Flow Performance
  • Class Leading Fatigue Resistance
  • Nitronic 60 Valve Guide & High Temp 347 SS Body
  • 17/7 PH Stainless Steel Springs
  • Liquid Actuator Cooling Option
  • Strap Type V-band clamps


In the box:

  • GenV Wastegate unit
  • All Springs Included in Box
  • Wastegate Pre-fitted as Per Description
  • GenV SS316 Valve seat
  • GenV V-Band Clamps
  • Mounting Bolts and Nuts
  • GenV Inlet & Outlet Weld Flanges
  • Collar tool (master/slave)
  • 3, 5, 7, 14 psi spring kit (1x spring installed)
  • 4 x 1/8” NPT plugs (1x installed)
  • 2 x 1/8” NPT nipples



Turbosmart External Wastegate GenV Hypergate45 FAQ's


  • Do I need to use the liquid cooling ports?

No. however, it is purely an option for extreme applications where there is limited airflow around the wastegate.

  • Can I rotate the top housing?

The modular design of the GenV Range of External Wastegates means you can rotate the actuator housing 360 degrees. As a result, virtually unlimited hose routing options.

  • Will a GenV version fit where my Gen4 Turbosmart Wastegate fit?

We made sure the inlet and outlets fitting orientation matched the previous gates for that exact reason. As a result, the only thing in common between the previous design and this one is the mounting orientation.

  • How do I change the spring(s)?

You will need the locking collar tool as supplied in the box. Most importantly, you also need to observe the instructions. Secondly, apply pressure to the top cap before you can remove the collar. This is part of the design. Moreover, an important anti-vibration measure.

  • What size are the reference fittings?

Both the boost control reference ports and the (Optional) liquid cooling ports are 1/8NPT.

Turbosmart GenV WG45 HyperGate 14psi - Blue

SKU: TS-0553-1011
Colour: Blue
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