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Funk Motorsport Lava Rock Titanium Exhaust wrap is made using a ceramic wrap enthused with Lava rock. This Heat wrap is a vital component of heat management has great benefits for all engine applications.

Whether you drive a modified car, a drift car, race car, GT car or other forms of Motorsport, titanium heat insulation products can be a powerful upgrade. Funk Motorsport exhaust wrap is seen on a variety of applications and influencers such as; BMR Subaru Racing BTCC team, Formula 2 racers, Formula 3 teams, Baggsy, Monky London, BDC Drifters and Hoonigan projects.


The header wrap helps create a thermal sleeve around the individual branches of the exhaust, keeping the pipe insulated and maintaining a higher core gas temperature. As we know a hotter gas actually helps to accelerate out of the downpipe and exhaust system faster. In turbo applications, Exhaust wrap can improve spool time!


Titanium Exhaust heat wrap helps to lower engine temperatures while increasing the longevity of key engine components. By reducing engine bay temperatures, this will allow components to live longer and work more efficiently, providing heat shielding can also improve engine performance by creating a lower air intake temperature.


Exhaust insulation wraps are constructed using a mixture of different polymers exhaust insulation wool to create a thermal sleeve ideal for exhaust temperatures.

Each Titanium Lava Rock ceramic exhaust wrap includes 6 metal locking ties.


Technical Specification:


  • Continuous Temperature Handling 650 Deg C
  • Maximum Temperature Handling 1100 Deg C
  • 50% Stronger than Fibre Wraps

Titanium Exhaust Wrap

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