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Fuchs Silkolene PRO BOOST Octane Improver



Fuchs Silkolene PRO BOOST is a unique blend of synthetic low toxicity organic chemicals which reduce upper cylinder wear and burn cleanly without leaving deposits in the combustion chamber. Adding PRO BOOST to petrol will also have a 'keep clean effect' in both carburettor and injection systems and will help to reduce icing in carburettors.


  • PRO BOOST has been successfully tested in a wide variety of car and motorcycle engines, including 2-stroke. It is suitable for all petrol engines and all types of fuel. A highly efficient octane improver specifically designed to combat pre-ignition - often called 'pinking' or 'knocking'.


  • PRO BOOST is effective from 1% to 3% addition levels, octane number improvement depends on fuel characteristics, however, a dosage of 1.5% can be expected to give an increase in Motor Octane Number (MON) of 0.5 to 2 units with most fuels. Accidental overdosing will have no adverse effects.


Please note that we are unable to send this product or any other fuel octane booster to destinations outside the UK.


Silkolene PRO BOOST

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