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The Revo Intercooler Pipe Upgrade kit increases power and reduces lag by replacing the restrictive stock pipework. Designed for the Ford Focus RS 2.3 EcoBoost, this upgrade features a larger internal diameter, fewer restrictions and removes the sound suppressor chamber. This means the turbo meets less resistance and can perform more effectively at any level of tuning.

A multitude of design features and attention to detail that Only Revo offer means this a product that not only looks great but more importantly performs. Thicker reinforced oil resistant silicone hoses, lightweight mandrel-bent aluminium pipework, flush fit joins to eliminate turbulence and is designed to fit either the stock or Revo Intercooler.



  • Increased internal diameter
  • Smoother airflow
  • Wire reinforced Silicone hoses
  • Increased performance




On the Revo Ford Focus RS Stage 2 Performance Package, the Revo intercooler pipe upgrade gave a healthy gain of more than 11whp and 20NM at 3900RPM over the stock parts with a constant gain throughout the rev range especially noticeable in the mid to high range.


All Revo products are designed in-house and are rigorously tested. By utilising the latest 3D printing technology, the latest CAD and CFD programs, hub dyno and Revo data acquisition software we are able to ensure our products meet the high expectations of Only The Driven. The Revo carbon intake allows the RS turbo to run more efficiently, intake a larger volume of air and minimise turbulence. This increases power and torque, especially at the top end of the rev range as highlighted during controlled dyno testing.


Ford Focus RS | Revo Intercooler Pipe Upgrade

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