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T3/T4 Precision Turbo Oil Drain Flange


Have you ever experienced a leaking or smoking turbocharger? All too often, an improper oil drain flange and oil drain system setup is the culprit.

Designed by the Engineering Team at Precision Turbo and Engine, the Full Flow Oil Drain flange is a must for all turbocharged applications and will help combat against common problems associated with an inadequate oil drain flange and/or oil drain system.



  • .600" inside diameter for maximum oil drainage from the bearing housing
  • Integrated o-ring seal to ensure a positive seal to the turbocharger bearing housing
  • 10AN fitting incorporated into the flange
  • Machined from lightweight aluminum
  • Anodized black
  • Includes mounting bolts for flange



Please note this flange will not fit Sportsman or Pro Mod frame turbochargers.

Precision Turbo Full Flow Oil Drain Flange

SKU: PTP074-2108
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