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Dual Bead Shield® Super Sealing Clamp


For air-air and coolant systems. The inner shield provides superb sealing characteristics and is safe for all soft hoses. The Murray Dual Bead clamps provide exceptionally high sealing pressure attributed to the concentration of sealing forces at the beads. The rolled edges and full liner present a smooth transition, without perforation ‘oozing’ or edge cutting to the hose or duct being sealed. Extensive testing in demanding applications show that the sealing pressures are increased in excess of 50% over a traditional worm drive clamp.


  • Electropolished band provides fatigue resistance and greatly improved corrosion resistance
  • Flanged edges offer gentle contact with hose surface
  • Dual-Bead shield creates a pool of high pressure hose material (the O-ring effect)
  • Seal higher pressures over a broad range of installation torques
  •  Less clamping stress on hose equates to extended life of the connection

Murray Dual Bead Clamp

PriceFrom £9.60
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