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MQB 2.0T EA888 GEN3


The Autotech High-Pressure Fuel Pump has been designed and manufactured to directly replace the stock pump found in vehicles with the 2.0T TSI EA888 Gen3 engines that are running higher stages of tuning, including the Revo IS38ETR (Enhanced Turbo by Revo).

Autotech is the premier manufacturer of fuel pump upgrades for the FSI engine because their kit offers the highest quality engineering. The Autotech HPFP kit continues to be the benchmark that imitators strive to reach. However, Autotech's HPFP Kit is not easily duplicated.



  • Precise manufacture tolerances
  • Plasma DLC coated
  • Match-ground Piston and Cylinder



Each piston (11.66mm) and cylinder in the Autotech HPFP kit undergo high-precision grinding processes many times during their manufacture, ensuring that the most precise tolerances are maintained through to the final step. Not the cheapest way to make them, but the best way. Each piston and cylinder are match-ground and serialized to ensure absolute precision and the utmost longevity.



Autotech was the first to incorporate plasma DLC coating on HPFP components to reduce friction losses and increase performance. Others have tried to follow by adding a coating to their parts. However, the DLC process alone is not enough - it is not a cure for substandard precision - the parts must be engineered specifically for the process to take full advantage: Autotech's are. The success they have in the field can attest to that.

MQB 2.0TSI | High Pressure Fuel Pump

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  • Make Model
    AUDI S3 Saloon
    AUDI A3 (8V 2012-2019)
    AUDI S3
    SEAT Leon MK3
    SKODA Octavia MK3
    VW Arteon
    VW Golf MK7
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