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The MHI TD05 is a stock genuine OEM turbo.

Setup with a 0.9BAR actuator, these units come straight from Mitsubishi and are ready to bolt on and go.


We offer a number of in-house 'Owen Developments' upgrades for these units, including restictor fit, ultra efficient HTA compressor wheel modification and turbine wheel upgrades. We also offer actuator mods and our infamous ball bearing conversions using motorpsort spec dual ceramic ball bearings - significanly improving power, spool and drivability*.


Typical power gains from our wheel configurations :


  • 68HTA / 71HTA,  up to 450HP


Power gains will be same with journal bearing units, spool time is significanlty reduced with our signature ball bearing conversion. 



*subject to wheel configuaration*


(Ball Bearing conversions are not available for Group N applications)


PriceFrom £1,033.56
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