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Turbosmart offers a diaphragm replacement for the IWG75 range of actuators. This single-port diaphragm is an ideal solution to replace worn-out or damaged parts and to ensure the proper functioning of your turbos with Turbosmart’s reliable quality products. This diaphragm is incompatible with Turbosmart’s IWG75 Twin Port or IWGHP Actuator models. Turbosmart is committed to providing customers with superior, reliable performance and durable parts for their turbocharger systems. Ensure your Turbosmart system works at peak performance by replacing any necessary parts, such as the IWG75 Diaphragm Replacement (Single Port). Trust Turbosmart to keep your turbos running smoothly.


Note: Not suitable for IWG-75 Twin Port or IWG-HP Actuator

IWG75 Diaphragm Replacement (Single Port)

SKU: TS-0600-2001
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