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Following the success of our FMINT15 for the Hyundai MK3 i30N it was only obvious we should further development on the facelift MK3.5, with only a few minor design tweaks our plug-and-play solution is now available for the latest of Hyundai’s revision. With Hyundai redeveloping the turbocharger to run more boost and a larger flow than the previous generation there is even more reason to replace more restrictive OEM intercooler with the larger Forge Motorsport item, based on a stage 2 ECU calibration and fitted with the Forge intake (FMINDK28) and turbo inlet adaptor (FMTIA10) the new intercooler performed as expected.

Intercooler for the Hyundai i30N Mk3.5 Facelift

expected end of March 2024
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