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Fuchs Titan Race WB Grease - Wheel Bearing Grease



Fuchs TITAN Race WB Grease is a high performance wheel bearing and lubricating grease

This grease has been specifically designed to lubricate and protect under the extreme temperatures and pressures exerted by all high performance cars and tested by many leading teams.

Based on synthetic oil technology, with a highly specialised thickener structure, Fuchs TITAN RACE WB GREASE shows high levels of thermal and mechanical stability, offering increased protection and performance under the most extreme conditions especially suited to wheel bearing lubrication.



  • FUCHS TITAN RACE WB GREASE is exclusively developed for ultimate performance in all high performance race cars.

Shelf Life

  • The minimum shelf life is 36 months if the product is properly stored between 0C and 40C in its unopened original container in a dry place.

Fuchs Titan Race Wheel Bearing Grease

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