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The best battery in it's class. (Extensively tested for an entire year!)


Develops 1800 Peak Amps

  • 520 cranking amps which is tested at 0℃ / 32℉
  • 350 cold cranking amps, tested at -18℃ / 0℉

One Year Warranty
When used in the Snap-on branded Portable Power 1700 or the Portable Power 1700RC and new 1800RC (Rapid Charge) models.

High Rated Battery
Delivers maximum power in short sharp bursts, exactly what is required for jump starting a car with a flat battery.



Nominal Voltage

12 V

Nominal Capacity

24Ah @ 10 hour rate F.V(1.75V/cell)

Approx. Weight

7030g (15.5lbs)


I2 (M6 Female thread), I1 is optional

Internal Resistance 

< 7.5m Ω (Full Charged)

Max. Discharge Current

520 A (5 sec.)

Max. Charge Current

7.2 A

Operating Temperature Range

Charge: 0℃ ~ 40℃
Discharge: -20℃ ~ 50℃
Storage: -20℃ ~ 40℃

Container Material

ABS (UL 94-HB) SHR24-12s

BB battery 12 volt DC SHR24ah

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