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Enhanced power delivery, unique safety features and exhilarating response at your disposal, the Revo Performance Pack delivers much more than peak power figures. Whatever drives you, the Revo Performance Pack has it all. Engineered to perform, only Revo offers a complete tuning solution specifically designed for your vehicle.




The Revo Carbon Series Air Intake system is a direct replacement kit and includes a beautiful carbon lid designed to increase the flow of air by utilising the enlarged diameter outlet and increased volume. The Revo Panel Filter upgrade replaces the restrictive stock paper filter, and a Revo carbon intake pipe allows air to flow smoothly to the turbo from the airbox, resolving the restrictions found during flow testing of the OEM system to improve your engines response and the power it can create.



  • Increases air volume
  • Enlarged airbox outlet
  • Smooths airflow and reduces restriction
  • Direct replacement carbon fibre kit
  • Proven performance benefits





Performance isn’t always achieved by aiming for the biggest peak figures, and certainly not by pushing things too far. Combining the additional airflow gained from the uprated intake system and more efficient cooling from the uprated front-mounted intercooler allowed the Revo calibration team to maximise the increased efficiency from these components and tie them together to give fantastic real-world gains whilst retaining the stock downpipe and GPF/OPF.

Revo Performance ECU Software for the 2.5TFSI transforms how the car can be driven. Out of the box, the RS3 demands attention and respect, and rightly so. With 400PS and 480NM torque, an incredible 5 cylinder soundtrack, less weight than the previous model and impressive acceleration times, all the right ingredients are there.

Intensively tested and refined over twelve months, throttle response has been dialled in to give the driver a deeper sense of connection and involvement with the car, something the stock model seems to lack. Rather than being pulled, the hike in torque gives the feeling of a firm push from the bottom of your back, and it’s addictive. The car now begs to be driven hard, it’s now able to break traction in corners, and dares you to bury your right foot. Optimised power delivery and with much more torque at its disposal, you can now drop below 4000rpm and still pull hard out of any corner without hesitation.



Switchable software for 4 performance modes.1


The top speed limit for this vehicle has been removed.


RPM is limited until safe oil temperature is reached.


Left foot braking has been enabled on this vehicle.


Enhanced engine cooling and oil temperature management.


Enhanced exhaust acoustics and valve control.





The Revo Intercooler utilises unique design features to lower intake air temperatures, minimise pressure drop and allow the engine to produce impressive power and torque with Revo Software. The unique end tank profile promotes internal laminar flow by decreasing turbulence and increasing airspeed into the bar and plate core. This enhances charge air cooling giving you access to more power throughout the rev range.

The limitations of the stock intercooler were apparent throughout testing. The stock part consistently struggled to manage charge air temperatures, even under normal driving conditions. The Revo Intercooler has been designed to improve on the stock part in every area. Restrictive elements of the stock cooler have been enhanced and cooling efficiency has greatly improved by utilising four different fin types throughout the core, increasing core volume by 90% and overall surface area by an impressive 140%.



  • Bar & Plate Core Design
  • Fully Cast End Tanks
  • Reinforced Mounting Brackets
  • Intercooler Pipes Included
  • Up to 53% increase in the frontal surface area
  • Up to 38% increase in core volume
  • Fits with OEM Crash Bar




2.5 TFSI AUDI RS3 (8V.2) & TTRS (8S)

Get impressive performance benefits from your 2.5 TFSI engine with the Revo Turbocharger inlet pipe. Replacing the restrictive component with a precisely engineered inlet pipe allows your turbo to breathe freely whilst reducing turbulence and heat transfer.

The 2.5 TFSI engine found in the RS3 8V.2 and TTRS 8S is capable of incredible power gains even with the stock turbocharger. Whilst the stock inlet is fine for stock power, once you start increasing this performance the stock inlet pipe becomes a restriction to airflow and holds back the potential gains. With the Revo turbocharger inlet pipe upgrade, you can achieve maximum performance, due to unique design features and Zirotec © heat-reflective coating. The Revo kit includes a silicone coupler from the inlet to fit onto the Revo Carbon Series Intake and a precision-machined turbo collar at the other end to match the inlet diameter of the stock turbocharger.



  • Reduces airflow restriction by an average of 20%
  • True 4" inlet diameter
  • Zircotec© heat-reflective ceramic coating
  • RHD and LHD fitment
  • Full cast aluminium precision machined

Audi RS3 (8V2 GPF) | Performance Pack

SKU: RA551M900200
PriceFrom £2,554.80
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  •   Stock Claimed Performance Pack
    Power (HP) 394 473
    Torque (NM) 495 660


  • Manufacturer Model Variant Engine Year
    Audi RS3 8V.2 2.5T 2020 >
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