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Designed for 1.6-2.0L engines where fast spool time is a priority.


Punchy, lightweight, powerful.


  • Fully rebuildable
  • Fully servicable

The 54mm frame GBT is suited for smaller capacity engines; around 1.6-2.0 litre. They are capable of producing engine outputs up to 530bhp. The wide range of compressor wheel sizes and turbine housing options available for this unit means it can be  customised for many applications and is  a popular choice for twin turbocharging.


The Owen Developments GBT performance turbocharger range covers 250-850HP engine outputs.

Our turbos are fitted with a HTA billet compressor wheel, billet stainless steel heat shield and billet anodised adapter ring, along with a motorsport spec bearing system and conical compressor nut.

The GBT turbos also offer additional unique features such as the a serviceable in-line oil filter and the option to install speed sensor and boost pressure fitment into the specifically designed compressor cover castings.


We offer a range of turbine housings, NT3, NT5 and NT7 to suit each frame size, with a choice of two different flanges, T3 or V-band.  These are also available in 0.62 and 0.82A/R.

We also offer an internal wastegate turbine housing for a 54mm frame size build.




  • Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing System
  • Inconel 713 Turbine Wheel
  • High Quality Billet HTA Compressor Wheel
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Heatshield
  • Anti-Surge Ported Shroud Compressor Cover
  • In-Line, Servicable Oil Filter System



  • 54mm Frame GBT
  • 71mm Compressor Wheel
  • Compresor Wheel Trim : 52.7
  • Inducer Diameter : 51.5mm
  • Exducer Diameter : 71mm


Power Range : 360HP - 500HP


Turbine Housing

Our turbine housings are cast from high quality D5 Ni-Resist Iron, meaning they have excellent hot strength and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Our range of turbine housings, NT3, NT5 & NT7 are machined to suit each frame size, with a choice of two different flanges, T3 or V-band.  These are available in 0.64A/R for the 5471. We also offer an internal wastegate turbine housing.

The GBT is also available with a high quality Stainless Steel TiAL Sport V-Band turbine housing.

These come with air ratio options: 0.52, 0.64 & 0.86A/R. 



As standard the GBT CHRA features water cooling capability for maximum longevity and heat control. When purchasing any water cooled turbo, we strongly advise the water jacket is connected as failure to do so may cause excessive heat soak and damage the turbo.

We also offer a specifically designed Air Cooled CHRA  with radial fins for optimal surface area and heat dissipation. Please contact us directly for Air Cooled options and pricing.


Compressor Cover

With three Compressor Cover options, our GBT's are fully customisable to help you achieve the perfect set-up.

Featuring a CNC machined ported shroud, the GBT compressor cover maximises the safe operating zone within a compressor map allowing for optimal boost, improved efficiancy and high end flow. 


Our cover options are:

  • Ma3 0.58A/R with a 3"inlet and 2" outlet
  • Ma5 0.61A/R with a 4"inlet and 2" outlet


Cover options available are subject to compressor wheel sizes, for more information on wheel and cover combinations , please refer to the GBT data sheets. 


We also offer non-ported options with or without restrictor fitment. Please contact us for further details. 


In-Line Oil Filter Union

By reducing the risk of debris reaching the workings of the tubo you can maximise longevity and help prevent damage  if the oil becomes contaminated. 

We've seen countless turbos come to us for rebuild with signs of oil contamination, that's why we introduced the revolutionary in-line oil filter to the GBT. 

Fully servicable, the high quality mesh design stops damaging particles from ever reaching the bearing system, without disrupting oil flow to the housing. 

The oil feed assembly is made from high quality stainless steel with an easy JIC-4 thread pattern. 


Boost Take-Off & Speed Sensor Fitment

Our compressor covers are specifically designed for boost take-off and speed sensor fitment allowing for ultimate customisation to truly maximise your turbo.

When it comes to mapping a car, the more data that can be extracted from the running components the better. And when it comes to the turbo, this is no different.


  • Boost Take Off - This enables a reference point to give accurate boost pressure from the turbo, this can be fed to the ECU or connected to a manual or electronic boost control unit.


  • Speed Sensor - A high quality sensor that accuratly reads compressor wheel speed in order to give vital information to the ECU. This enables the engine tuner to write the boost map in accordance to wheel speed, allowing for maximum boost all while being able to prevent any chance of over speed.


GBT 5471

PriceFrom £1,463.60
Currently on back order.
  • Handbuilt to order - Shipped with DPD/UPS

    Please allow 10-15 working days for delivery

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