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Funk Motorsport’s Funk Cool Reflective Exhaust Wrap Blankets for Header and Manifolds are an effective alternative to traditional Exhaust Wrap.


Designed to wrap around the entire manifold as opposed to individual branches, Manifold Blankets are perfect for applications where manifold removal is not an option, or where there is little clearance due to surrounding components.


The Reflective Exhaust Wrap Blankets work by insulating the heat from your exhaust, preventing additional unwanted heat dissipation into the engine bay. Manifold Blankets can also be used to protect your exhaust from harmful, flammable liquids.

The reflective layer of the blanket works to reflect radiant heat that has made it past the initial barrier of insulation. This effective combination of materials helps to create a flexible yet highly effective heat management solution.



Technical Specification:


  • Continuous Temperature handling: 650 Deg C
  • Flash Temperature Handling: 1050 Deg C

Funk Motorsport Reflective Header Manifold Blanket

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