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Now you can fine tune your Blow Off/Diverter Valve to the exact needs of your engine with this complete tuning kit.

If you are finding that the valve is dumping more than required, or if you are losing boost pressure it is normally an indication that a stronger spring is required. Alternatively, if the valve is failing to dump it may be necessary to install a weaker spring.

Please note that fitting a stronger spring into a valve will not increase boost pressure, unless existing pressure is being lost. Failure to allow the valve to operate by installing a spring which is too strong, may cause damage to the turbocharger.

Please also note that the red coded springs should not be installed in the DVR or DV007 diaphragm valves. 



Valve Spring color coding: 

  • Green - 5-15 PSI
  • Yellow - 15-23 PSI 
  • Blue - 23-30 PSI 
  • Red - 30 + PSI.


*The above figures are estimates only and should only be considered as a guideline*

Forge Motorsport Valve Spring Tuning Kit

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